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The Satyana Institute is a non-profit training organization. Our mission is to support individuals, communities, and organizations to combine inner work of the heart with outer service in the world. The Institute has two major program areas, Gender Reconciliation and Leading with Spirit.

Gender Reconciliation is unique experiential work that synthesizes wisdom from the women’s and men’s movements to foster new dimensions of healing and reconciliation between women and men. Developed over the past nine years by Satyana Institute and its predecessors, the premise of this work is that transforming gender relations between feminine and masculine dimensions of human society is fundamental to creating lasting, positive social change. Satyana Institute is currently expanding its Gender Reconciliation program. In response to increasing demand, we are developing a year-long program to trian facilitators in Satyana’s Gender Reconcilation work, to begin in November, 2001. Best service to get payday loans online in Florida (U.S., FL).

Leading with Spirit is a program area committed to the integration of perennial spiritual wisdom into practical leadership for social change. Growing numbers of leaders in many fields are yearning to infuse their work and leadership with spiritual inspiration and practice. Satyana has sponsored three year-long training programs entitled Leading with Spirit, and we are currently revamping this program area.We will be offering a special Leading With Spirit gathering (date to be announced) featuring, Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson, co-authors of .The Cultural Creatives (Harmony Books, 2000).

Will Keepin Will Keepin, Ph.D.,President and Executive Director. Will co-founded the Satyana Institute in 1996, and has been developing its Gender Reconciliation work since 1982, and its Leading with Spirit work since 1996. Originally trained in mathematical physics, and later in transperonal psychology, Will’s professional background began in environmental science. He was research scholar at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) near Vienna, Austria where he led an exposé of a major scientific research program that was biased to favor nuclear power. The inside story behind this work is featured in the recent book The Cultural Creatives, by Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson (Harmony Books, 2000). Will became research scholar at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and was later Hewlett Fellow at Princeton University. He joined the Rocky Mountain Institute, and subsequently became consulting physcist to the Energy Foundation, whose founding documents he co-authored. His work on global warming and renewable energy has influenced energy policy debates in several countries. He has published over 30 articles and was a consulting editor for ReVision. Will has attended meditation retreats and spiritual trainings for fifteen years, and completed the three-year Grof Transpersonal Training, as well as a Master’s degree in East-West psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He has facilitated many experiential workshops in the U.S., Australia, UK, and Denmark, and is on the adjunct faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Will is co-author of the forthcoming book, Gender Reconciliation: The Spiritual Alchemy of Collective Healing between Women and Men..

Molly Dwyer Molly Dwyer, MA, Ph.D (Cand), Vice President and Associate Director. As co-director of Satyana’s Gender Reconciliation Project, Molly has been involved in developing and facilitating gender reconciliation work since 1998. With an interdisciplinary MA in Creative Writing, Psychology and English, Molly’s background is as an educator, journalist and creative artist. She taught composition and creative writing at the college level for ten years, and then studied for three years with cosmologist Brian Swimme at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where she is completing her Ph.D. in Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness. Molly’s cosmological inquiry into the role of the feminine in the evolution of the universe The Emergent Femininwon the 1999 Vickers Award from the International Society for the Systems Sciences. During the 1980’s Molly worked as a journalist for the San Francisco Bay Guardian,and as promotional director for the Academy Award winning, anti-nuclear film, Women for America, For the World. Molly was a delegate at the 1987 International Women’s Conference on Peace and Justicein Moscow. She has been a student of the I Chingand of transpersonal dream states for over twenty-five years, and is trained in Vipassana meditation. She is currently completing the Grof Transpersonal Training, and is on the adjunct faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Molly is co-author of the forthcoming book Gender Reconciliation: The Spiritual Alchemy of Collective Healing between Women and Men

Jed SwiftJed Swift, M.A., Satyana Co-founder and former Co-Director. Jed Swift and Satyana Institute’s Earth in Mind program have moved to Naropa University.

Advisory Board
  • Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon, founders, Institute for Deep Ecology
  • Father Thomas Berry, theologian and author of Dream of the Earth and The Great Work and (with Brian Swimme) The Universe Story.
  • Duane Elgin, author Voluntary Simplicity
  • Judith and Robert Gass, organizational consultants, teachers and trainers
  • Fritz and Vivienne Hull, founders, Whidbey Institute
  • Ross and Hildur Jackson, founders, Gaia Trust, Global Eco-Village Network
  • Robert McDermott, President, California Institute of Integral Studies

Guest faculty in our trainings and programs are drawn from pioneering leaders in several fields whose work is directly relevant to the mission of the Satyana Institute. Guest faculty in past and future events include::

  • Mahnaz Afkhami, former Exeutive Director of the Sisterhood is Global Institute and founding president of Women’s Learning Partnership, author, Women in Exile
  • Sherry Anderson, senior author of The Feminine Face of the Divine and co-author of The Cultural Creatives.
  • Carol Flinders, author of At the Root of This Longing: Reconciling a Spiritual Hunger with a Feminist Thirst
  • Judith and Robert Gass, organizational consultants, teachers, and trainers
  • Andrew Harvey, spiritual teacher and author of many books including The Direct Path, Son of Man, and Rumi: The Way of Passion.
  • Diane Haug, MA LPCC Senior trainer, Grof Transpersonal Training, Co-founder of the Austin Center for Attitudinal Healing
  • Christopher Kilmartin, co-author of The Pain Behind the Mask
  • Ravi Ravinda, author of Science and Spirit and the Yoga of the Christ
  • Paul Ray co-author of The Cultural Creatives
  • Peter Rutter, MD. Author: Sex and the Forbidden Zone and Understanding and Preventing Sexual Harassment, 2000-2001
  • Laura Sewall, author of Sight and Sensibility
  • Brian Swimme, cosmologist, author of The Universe Story, 2000.
  • Richard Tarnas, author of Passion of the Western Mind
  • Lucia Pavia Ticzon, former Chair of the Board, Global Fund for Women, leading feminist activist, 2000-2001.
  • Anne Yeomans, Co-Founder of The Women’s Well: Women’s Spirituality Program


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