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Satyana Institute 2001 Programs

Gender Reconciliation
The Alchemy of Collective Healing between Women and Men

Are you tired of the gender wars? Join a growing number of women and men who are ready to take a new step toward mutuality and healing between the sexes. Satyana’s gender reconciliation work provides a unique opportunity to:

  • Experience the power of women and men healing together
  • Cultivate new forms of authentic intimacy
  • Discover the spiritual and cosmological essence of gender
  • Explore the hidden depths of our own gender conditioning
  • Learn the skills of facilitating gender reconciliation

Gender Reconciliation:
Year-long Professional Training

Boulder, Colorado: Nov 13-18, 2001;
Mar 3-9, June 24-30, & Nov 10-16, 2002

Satyana Institute is inaugurating a yearlong training program in Gender Reconciliation. The program is being offered in response to growing demand from many participants and professionals in our Gender Reconciliation programs. The training group will meet in four week-long modules over a period of one year. This will allow deep exploration of gender dynamics, as well as intensive experience and training in the rich complexities and challenges that characterize the facilitation of gender healing work.

This training program is open to two general groups of applicants:

  1. Professionals and individuals who seek to develop the practical skills of facilitating gender reconciliation work, as developed by Satyana Institute. Upon completion, trainees may serve as co-facilitators in Satyana Institute’s Gender Reconciliation program.
  2. The training is also open to interested individuals who seek a powerful experience of intensive gender healing and reconciliation, but who may not necessarily seek to become facilitators of the work themselves.

Core Faculty:

Guest Faculty:

  • Andrew Harvey
    Author of The Direct Path, Son of Man, The Way of Passion: A Celebration of Rumi, Gay Mysticism and many other books and tapes
  • Carol Lee Flinders
  • Author of At the Root of This Longing: Reconciling a Spiritual Hunger and Feminist Thirst
  • Peter Rutter
  • Author, Sex in the Forbidden Zone and Understanding Sexual Harassment
  • Lucia Ticzon
  • International women’s rights activist,
    Former Chair of the Board, Global Fund for Women
  • Christopher Kilmartin
    Author of The Masculine Self  and The Pain Behind the Mask

The program will meet near Boulder, Colorado at a residential retreat center called Sunrise Ranch. Program meets four times over one year:

The Spiritual Alchemy of Collective Healing
November 13-18, 2001

Unmasking the Gender Shadow
March 3-9, 2002

Cultivating the Beloved
June 24-30, 2002

The Heart of Reconciliation
November 10-16, 2002

Get Acrobat ReaderBrochure can be viewed online here or downloaded here in PDF Format

Reconciliation & Communion
Residential Intensives in Gender Reconciliation

Our introductory workshops are designed for individual men and women who are serious about transforming gender relations in our society. Singles and couples, heterosexuals, gays, lesbians, bisexual, transgender–all sexual preferences and life style choices are welcomed and honored. We invite anyone who seriously desires to explore intensive new levels in gender healing and reconciliation. These workshops interweave a unique combination of cognitive, emotional and spiritual modalities. The specific content of each workshop is determined to a significant degree by what the participants themselves bring.

Boston, Massachusetts
Satyana Facilitators: Will Keepin, Molly Dwyer
Guest Facilitators: Anne Yeomans and Peter Rutter
Residential–Merriam Hill Retreat Center
October 10-14, 2001

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Satyana Facilitators: Will Keepin, Molly Dwyer
Guest Facilitator: Diane Haug
Residential–Ghost Ranch Retreat Center
December 4-9, 2001

Gender, Science and the Sacred

A graduate course in Gender Reconciliation

Graduate course at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). Includes a special exploration of the cosmological roots of gender with Brian Swimme. Visionary artist Lowell Brook, presents Ma Mandala, an exploration of the sacred feminine. Non-students and auditors are welcome.

San Francisco, CA
Faculty: Will Keepin and Molly Dwyer
Guest Speakers:

  • Brian Swimme
  • Lowell Brook, visual artist and Unitarian Universalist Minister

Non-residential–California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)
September 27 - October 1, and November 3 - 4, 2001

Leading With Spirit Programs

Leading with Spirit

Satyana’s unique program for professionals who yearn to infuse their work with renewed passion and spiritual inspiration, and the collective wisdom of a community of peers.

Convening Transformative Leadership Communities

Convening a community of "Cultural Creatives"–change agents who are seeking to explore new ways to combine spiritual wisdom and practical leadership.

Satyana facilitators: Will Keepin, Molly Dwyer

Guest Faculty:

  • Paul Ray, author of The Cultural Creatives
  • Sherry Anderson, author of The Cultural Creatives
  • Lucia Ticzon, former Chair of the Board, Global Fund for Women
  • Cindy Ewing, Lucinda Foundation

Transformative Leadership Community

An invitational gathering bringing together existing leaders from the social change movements, the consciousness movements, and spiritual communities to explore frontiers of new leadership for the 21st century.

Co-convened by:
Will Keepin and Molly Dwyer, Satyana Institute
Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson, authors of The Cultural Creatives
San Francisco, California
Date to be announced: early 2002

Retreat for Environmental Leaders in Colorado

Second annual gathering for Colorado ecological activist community, focusing on the practical application of spiritual practices to social change activism. This program is an outgrowth of a similar program that Satyana Institute has co-facilitated in the Idaho environmental community since 1996.

Facilitators: Will Keepin, Jed Swift and Molly Dwyer
Crestone, Colorado
November 8-11, 2001


They who see action where there is inaction, and inaction where there is action, live in wisdom.  Their every act is done with complete awareness.  - Bhagavad Gita


Earth in Mind:

Professional Trainings, Academic
Programs in Ecopsychology & Wilderness Journeys

Please Note: Jed Swift and The Earth in Mind Trainings have moved to Naropa University’s Center For Ecopsychology. For information concerning upcoming programs contact Naropa University at www.naropa.edu/ecopsychology or:

Jed Swift
4859 10th St.
Boulder, CO 80304
Phone/fax 303-447-8068


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